NOÏ offers a treasure hunt for old and young.

NOÏ ´s colourful, cheery accessories lift your spirits and make ideal gifts. The in-house Collection is imaginative and diverse featuring one-offs such as shiny Bead Decorations, genuine Leather Products, colorful Pouches, fine Jewelry, innovative Home- and Fashion Accessoires. Enter a world of polka dots, florals and colourful patterns where it‘s fun to rummage around and uncover new things...

NOÏ has long lasting personal relationships with small family businesses and workshops around the world. As such, productions are made exclusively for NOÏ. The items are handcrafted and the result of enthusiastic creativity & imagination. Every piece is handmade with special care - from the design process to it´s production. We are respecting fair trade. 


Additionally, NOÏ is proud to present & distribute the successful american lifestyle Collection NATURAL LIFE in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other european countries.


Natural Life´s products are called treasures because they are things you stumble upon while out and about that touch a special place in your heart. Whether it’s artwork for the wall, or a mug for your mom, or a comfy piece of textile, Natural Life products are designed to make life more fun! Some of Natural Life´s most loved products are everyday things like cute Air Fresheners, decorative Prayer flags, fun chip clip sets, and Prayer boxes keepsakes! Natural Life´s Happy giftsand accessories inspire people to Live Happy! 


Enjoy our collections and never forget – WHEN YOU LOVE WHAT YOU HAVE – YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED!



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